They're gone now, but they left behind a copy of Through The Looking-Glass, bookmarked on the second chapter. You find a message there - and with it, the opportunity for one last conversation.

I Knew You Would Find This is a short interactive fiction Twine game experimenting with the mechanic of spelling out a message using individual letters as links, as opposed to linking to new passages. I'm very excited to share it with the world, and I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to Grim Baccaris for Twine coding help, Riley CJ Kenway and Anna Webster for playtesting, and AK Fedeau and Xalavier Nelson Jr., for listening to me yell about this game.


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I love this interaction, so clever and well-executed. Congratulations on such a great game :)

What a fantastic concept, and beautifully executed. This is the third game of yours that I've played, and while I adored the other two, this one has got to be my favourite for its unique and innovative use of the medium. Reminded me of "This Is How You Lose The Time War", if you've ever read that (if you haven't, read it - it's short and beautiful). Anyway, excellent work. Hope to see more from you :)

What a creative way to use Twine! I'm really quite impressed. Though the actual clicking on letters was a little finicky, I think it was impactful and smooth. I'm very impressed!


Hi Nessa,

I've had this bookmarked on twitter for a bit, waiting for a moment of free time when I could sit down with a cup of coffee and really enjoy this. And I did! Very much! What a clever way to think about the link structure in twine.  Kind of felt like tuning into wheel of fortune, watching the letters fill in and all. I clicked them out of order a few times, just for fun, to see if I could figure it out the message before it was fully revealed. 


I went with the ending about moving on, and it was very cathartic for me! Very well done. I can't wait to check out more of your work!