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Welcome to Romantic Rainbow Delights, an ice cream-themed dating sim! You have just started a brand new job at Rainbow Delights, the local ice cream shop. But you have bigger things to worry about - your cousin invited you to their wedding, and you only have a week to find a date! 

This game is still in development - meaning we have a few bugs to squash! We'll update with patch notes as we go. 


Bri Priddle - Programmer/Git Wrangler
Cameron Hopkinson - Composer
Devin Yang - 2D Artist
Joe Bretz - Composer
Joyce Lin - Writer/2D Artist
Karen Morrison - Writer/Implementer
Maxfield Supler - Writer/Implementer
Nessa Cannon - Creative Director/Writer

Special thanks to: Anna Webster (Writing Feedback for Rocky) and Reno Rivera, Caleb Valdez, Wesley Wu (Writing Feedback for Clem), & Marcel


RRD.zip 23 MB
RRD-mac.app.zip 36 MB
Windows Download.zip 35 MB


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I loved this game.As someone asexual, I love Rocky!


Cute game - short and sweet! 

I'm having an issue when the dialogue is longer than the regular box size, though. It doesn't scroll or get bigger, it just gets cut off and I can't read it.


playing on the browser here!I really dont want to be a problem or anything, but i cant choose someone to date?I tried refreshing the page and playing the game again, but i still cant choose someone to date.Im really confused, i hope i didnt do anything wrong, I absolutely love the characters, art, and just everything!


I'm running into the same issue!

I hope it gets fixed soon.I really mf love Clem and Rocky😂


I think it's fixed now :) Thank you for playing!! 


i like this game because it's short and sweet and doesn't have a dragged out story like some of this nature