Welcome to Romantic Rainbow Delights, an ice cream-themed dating sim! You have just started a brand new job at Rainbow Delights, the local ice cream shop. But you have bigger things to worry about - your cousin invited you to their wedding, and you only have a week to find a date! 

This game is still in development - meaning we have a few bugs to squash! We'll update with patch notes as we go. 


Bri Priddle - Programmer/Git Wrangler
Cameron Hopkinson - Composer
Devin Yang - 2D Artist
JC Lau - QA Lead
Joe Bretz - Composer
Joyce Lin - Writer/2D Artist
Karen Morrison - Writer/Implementer
Maxfield Supler - Writer/Implementer
Nessa Cannon - Creative Director/Writer

Special thanks to: Anna Webster (Writing Feedback for Rocky) and Reno Rivera, Caleb Valdez, Wesley Wu (Writing Feedback for Clem), & Marcel


RomanticRainbowDelights-mac.app.zip 36 MB
Romantic Rainbow Delights PC Build 35 MB


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I really liked Clem and Moose! This game is really sweet and had me smiling the entire time. 

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i love this game!! it's so cute<3

Moose's route is the best route. Honestly? I like Clem but his route isnt as deep as Moose's is. The storyline about their art really drew me in.

i really love moose, they seem like such a kind person and i love their route and how closely it's related to their art! i'd love to see their art in a future update!

This was a delightful experience, the aesthetics drew me in and the cute/preppy tones made reading this visual novel very enjoyable. This novel doesn't have traditional art like most visual novels but that dosn't make the interactions you have with characters less impactful. I think I'm on board with most readers with Clem being my favorite route, but I also really enjoyed Rocky's as well. The only downside is there i'sent no skip feature, so if you want to play through all the routes or you accidentally click a wrong answer and have to restart, its really a inconvenience. Other then that little thing though the characters each have a unique personality that's portrayed by the way they look, but all of them also have secret characteristics that's fun and heartwarming to discover as you go on more dates with them. I really adore this visual novel and I hope maybe you all will made a expanded version of the characters stories, the art,story and even the cheery music is a treat!


This game is so cute! I picked  Clem and he's awesome. Loved the game!

this game is so adorable!!


I loved this game.As someone asexual, I love Rocky!


Cute game - short and sweet! 

I'm having an issue when the dialogue is longer than the regular box size, though. It doesn't scroll or get bigger, it just gets cut off and I can't read it.


playing on the browser here!I really dont want to be a problem or anything, but i cant choose someone to date?I tried refreshing the page and playing the game again, but i still cant choose someone to date.Im really confused, i hope i didnt do anything wrong, I absolutely love the characters, art, and just everything!


I'm running into the same issue!

I hope it gets fixed soon.I really mf love Clem and Rocky😂


I think it's fixed now :) Thank you for playing!! 


i like this game because it's short and sweet and doesn't have a dragged out story like some of this nature